svp.jpgWhen he was filling in for Dan Patrick last week, Scott Van Pelt actually had Deadspin editor Will Leitch on the air. Van Pelt made a couple of references to a voicemail he left some girl falling into the hands of Deadspin and ending up on the Website for all the world to hear.

It seems that Van Pelt wanted to use that for the jumping off point of a serious discussion about journalistic boundaries and what standards blogs should hold themselves to. Actually Van Pelt was missing the point, or maybe he was just focusing on the wrong point.

So, if he hasn’t figured it out yet: Scott, while it might have been pushing the limits of journalistic ethics or even simple good taste, hearing that actually made people like you more.

“Hey SVP might be a Sportscenter anchor but he leaves clumsy and embarrassing messages on girls’ answering machines just like I do. Cool.” Okay, I don’t get excited when they don’t have Bell’s Palsy but I still appreciate the self-deprication, and I’m impressed that he has a knowledge of multiple types of palsies. Anyway, something like this is much more in the average sport fan’s set of experiences than walking into the hotel bar, saying “You’re with me, Leather,” and picking up on 2-seconds worth or work.

The phone message is here (Warning: mp3 link). I saved it when it was posted in case it disappeared. Just remember Scott we’re not laughing at you. Okay, we kind of are, but only because it’s the only way we can laugh at ourselves.