See that? That’s Niklas Bendtner. And he’s white. And the Tottenham defense—cough*oxymoron*cough—has managed to make him look like the Michael Jordan of Denmark (Yes, it’s Engligh football, but Arsenal’s Bendtner is Danish).

Really, has anyone of Danish origin ever gotten that much air? (more…)


spic3.jpgThere are all kinds of ways to make this political. I mean, the Iraqis can’t even enjoy their Asian Cup semi-final win without another round of Car Bomb Derby breaking out (and incidentally, “Soccer Victory Lifts Iraq; Bombs Kill 50” is the clubhouse leader for the Surreal Headline of 2007 award); and there will be no irony lost on the fact that their opponent in the Asian Cup final is the country that actaully sent 15 of the 19 hijackers into our buildings.

But ultimately it’s just sport—22 men, one ball, no hands. And athletes at this level, they aren’t political. They play for their country, but they do not die for it.


mcbride.jpgOr at least nobody cares about soccer according to almost every ESPN talking head over the last week. And if ESPN says it, it must be true.

The actual truth is that pretty much every ESPN property had at least one segment on soccer last week and with good reason as David Beckham arrived in America.

There’s not much more to say about Beckham that hasn’t already been blithered about, but if you need a complete and accurate rundown of what his arrival really means look here.

As for the soccer bashing… almost every bit of it over the last week can be more or less translated as: “Beckham is in American but nobody cares about soccer in America.”

Really, then why is it the lead segment on PTI? Why is Jay Mariotti pretending to be knowledgeable about soccer on Around The Horn? If nobody cares about it in this country then why are people talking about it on the primary sports outlet in this country? When you truly don’t care about something, it’s not the first thing out of your mouths (the WNBA doesn’t come to mind). (more…)

usmnt.jpgThe least surprising thing about last night’s US v. Argentina match was the final score, a 4-1 pasting.

We sent Kasey Keller and a bunch of kids with little international experience. They had to open the Copa against an Argentinian squad that clearly aims to win this thing: Messi, Tevez, Crespo, Mascherano, Riquelme. I don’t know if we’ve ever produced a player as good as any one of those guys.

I can’t comment that much on the match because I saw all of about 30 seconds of it. The bar I was going to go watch it at had the incorrect start time listed on its Website. I went to dinner with friends hoping to get out in time to catch the second half, only to learn that by the time we sat down to eat, it was already halftime. (more…)