It’s never too early to talk college football. Never.

Even if the calendar say it’s barely summer, fall cannot get here fast enough. So over the next two weeks or so, Kermit the Blog will count down the 10 Easiest Schedules of the 2007 College Football season. We’re aiming for one a day (weekday), but we’re lazy, so it might take longer. Thankfully we’ve got time.


# 8 The University of New Mexico

This is the least sexy name on the list. It’s compounded by the fact that New Mexico’s stroll through the season isn’t even very interesting. That’s the bad news. The good news is that to compensate there is cleavage for artwork.

That’s a pic from the world’s crappiest camera phone of boobs. Her name was Katy. Probably still is. She was date I had a couple of years ago. It’s okay, she let me take the pic—I might be a pervert, but I’m not sleazy—but the photo was about all I got. And trying to get further with her that night was more difficult than anything the Lobos will have to do on a football field this year.

In fact, the biggest accomplishment for New Mexico has taken place before they even take the field, specifically: they managed to avoid enriching themselves financially in exchange for the pleasure of getting their collective asses kicked. The AD’s accountants might not be happy about this, but the school’s infirmary is probably pleased silly. (more…)