Irritating People

mangino-1.jpgSo I got another genius comment from what I am going to presume is a Jayhawk supporter. I’m making that assumption based not on the content of the comment itself (see below), but more on the inability to use anything resembling proper grammar (‘your’ not ‘you’re,’ no capitalization, etc.)

But, again, the fact that Kansas is undefeated doesn’t mean that their schedule hasn’t been easy. The latter actually facilitates the former. Who is their biggest win against? The worst Nebraska team maybe ever? An OSU team that blew a 21 point fourth quarter lead at home to Texas?

To this point (November 13) the Jayhawks have beaten exactly one team that was ranked when they played them. That was a K-State team that is now 5-5. (more…)


wrong_kind.jpgBut damn if I’m not going to try.

And it’s only kind of indie but what it lacks in obscurity it more than makes up for in snobbery and cynical goodness.

What follows is the pre-season college football Top 25 (USA Today) if the teams were albums. It’s biased. It’s arbitrary. And it might not even make much sense. But some of them are still pretty accurate.

Counting them down (or actually counting them up) after the jump (And yes, that’s the wrong kind of football in the pic, but it’s a minor miracle I found indie rockers (CYHSY! and The National) doing anything even remotely athletic).