Maybe you shouldn’t have been working in the meth lab during the game. You know, take a break. Somebody must have not, otherwise I’m at a loss to explain the following.

Let me be clear that I didn’t actually check the exact time that the Orange Bowl ended, but I’d bet this morning’s yet-to-be eaten breakfast that this comment found my inbox within 15 minutes of the final gun of KU’s 24 – 21 highly unlikely victory over Virginia Tech.

Really, that’s your first impulse? Post a comment on that relatively small blog that claimed Kansas had an easy schedule? You sure you don’t want to find an over-excited and over-served coed? This might be your best chance all year. Nope.


I get the following pia.



mangino-1.jpgSo I got another genius comment from what I am going to presume is a Jayhawk supporter. I’m making that assumption based not on the content of the comment itself (see below), but more on the inability to use anything resembling proper grammar (‘your’ not ‘you’re,’ no capitalization, etc.)

But, again, the fact that Kansas is undefeated doesn’t mean that their schedule hasn’t been easy. The latter actually facilitates the former. Who is their biggest win against? The worst Nebraska team maybe ever? An OSU team that blew a 21 point fourth quarter lead at home to Texas?

To this point (November 13) the Jayhawks have beaten exactly one team that was ranked when they played them. That was a K-State team that is now 5-5. (more…)


Okay Gabe. I have no idea what you are talking about. Really, what prompted the diatribe about Kuh-lee-for-nee-ah? Is this your way of saying that people whose homes are on fire get what they deserve for living in the modern Sodom and/or Gomorrah?

And if you are going to poke fun of people’s intelligence, at least try to spell ‘proletariat’ correctly.

Also, try to stay up with the big kids. I did the Constanza schtick last week. But if you want to give people a sense of deja vu—only this time without the party hats— then well played. Here’s the fun part though… It killed me. I would have gone 4-0 had I not gotten cute with the “I’ll just do the exact opposite of ordering tuna on toast and I’ll screw the girl at the counter and get a job with the Yankees” crap. Instead I threw-up an 0-fer and lowered my percentage on the season to something resembling a pitcher’s batting average (a pitcher not named Micah Owings).

This week’s wisdom-free advice after the jump… (more…)


Yes, I will publish any comment no matter how stupid.

But please, at least make an attempt to provide accurate information, or lie well enough to where I don’t think you are a complete dumbass. To wit:

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Get over yourselves. You’re all just mad that KU is sweet and undefeated! good call on Nebraska also you idiots! 7-0 NUMBER 9 baby

First off, this comment is so bland I cannot understand why anyone would want to hide their actual identity behind ‘’ What? Are you taking your cues from ESPN Conversation? Second, uh, the fact that Kansas is 7-0 is actually supporting the original contention, specifically that KU has a butt-easy schedule this year. So what exactly is there to get over?

Of course, if you are going to be that stupid, maybe it’s best you keep your actual identity to yourself. At least it gives me a chance to post another picture of the gigantor that is Mark Mangino.

My caption. “No, I said ‘Throw the whole doughnut,’ not ‘Throw the doughnut hole.'”