adt-trophy.jpgFirst let’s take a moment and acknowledge the awesomeness that was Bizarro College Football Season.

It was awesome.

Okay, now you can revert to your Edvard Munch face.

Yes, the BCS has left us with Cheaty McSweatervest vs. Talky McLoudcoach. God what a dream.

That is if your dreams include getting sucker punched in the nuts. But hey, somebody’s gotta live in Columbus.

Really, the BCS has sucked the lifeforce out of me. I can barely make a dick joke when talking about it. Still, I feel compelled to take a couple of jabs at the cocksure kids in Columbus and Red Stick.

Yes, you won the sweepstakes. Do you deserve it? Not really. Not that anybody else did. Save for Hawaii everyone’s got one big strike against them. Some have two.


It’s never too early to talk college football. Never. Even if the calendar say it’s barely summer, fall cannot get here fast enough. So over the next two weeks or so, Kermit the Blog will count down the 10 Easiest Schedules of the 2007 College Football season. We’re aiming for one a day (weekday… generally), but we’re lazy, so it might take longer. Thankfully we’ve got time.


#2 University of Hawaii

brennan-large.jpgTwo hundred and eighty-eight for.

Sixty-seven against.

Of Hawaii’s first six opponents, five are rematches of games from last year in which the Warriors outscored their opponents by a combined 288-67 (For comparison, the offensive circus that is Texas Tech only put up 316 points for the entire season in 2006).

The one team in Hawaii’s opening stretch that’s not a repeat is I-AA Charleston Southern.

That was actually a 9-2 squad last year, but here’s a list of teams Charleston Southern defeated: Wingate, North Greenville, Edward Waters, Georgetown, Gardner-Webb, and Presbyterian. (more…)