svp.jpgWhen he was filling in for Dan Patrick last week, Scott Van Pelt actually had Deadspin editor Will Leitch on the air. Van Pelt made a couple of references to a voicemail he left some girl falling into the hands of Deadspin and ending up on the Website for all the world to hear.

It seems that Van Pelt wanted to use that for the jumping off point of a serious discussion about journalistic boundaries and what standards blogs should hold themselves to. Actually Van Pelt was missing the point, or maybe he was just focusing on the wrong point.

So, if he hasn’t figured it out yet: Scott, while it might have been pushing the limits of journalistic ethics or even simple good taste, hearing that actually made people like you more.

“Hey SVP might be a Sportscenter anchor but he leaves clumsy and embarrassing messages on girls’ answering machines just like I do. Cool.” Okay, I don’t get excited when they don’t have Bell’s Palsy but I still appreciate the self-deprication, and I’m impressed that he has a knowledge of multiple types of palsies. Anyway, something like this is much more in the average sport fan’s set of experiences than walking into the hotel bar, saying “You’re with me, Leather,” and picking up on 2-seconds worth or work.

The phone message is here (Warning: mp3 link). I saved it when it was posted in case it disappeared. Just remember Scott we’re not laughing at you. Okay, we kind of are, but only because it’s the only way we can laugh at ourselves.


mcbride.jpgOr at least nobody cares about soccer according to almost every ESPN talking head over the last week. And if ESPN says it, it must be true.

The actual truth is that pretty much every ESPN property had at least one segment on soccer last week and with good reason as David Beckham arrived in America.

There’s not much more to say about Beckham that hasn’t already been blithered about, but if you need a complete and accurate rundown of what his arrival really means look here.

As for the soccer bashing… almost every bit of it over the last week can be more or less translated as: “Beckham is in American but nobody cares about soccer in America.”

Really, then why is it the lead segment on PTI? Why is Jay Mariotti pretending to be knowledgeable about soccer on Around The Horn? If nobody cares about it in this country then why are people talking about it on the primary sports outlet in this country? When you truly don’t care about something, it’s not the first thing out of your mouths (the WNBA doesn’t come to mind). (more…)

hockey_in_july.jpgThat’s a lie. It’s actually just time consuming. So unless it’s your job, you kind of have to really want to write about something to make the effort. That would explain the long gap between posts. Well that and my new love for Kige Ramsey.

Anyway, I’ve almost written several posts but 1) I only kind of care enough about any of them to take the time and 2) Only one of the ideas lends itself to much humor. So, rather than start sounding like George Will, I punted. Really. Last night I worked on a puzzle while watching the All Star game. It’s pretty great, the second I’m done I just put it back into exactly the same state as when I started. My attempts to combat entropy are futile.

Universe 1 – Precious Roy 0

Here’s a list of what I almost wrote about (Or, alternatively, find out why I’ve got hockey in July for artwork): (more…)

thewwl.jpgI have a confession.

But first. See that?

That’s a screenshot of ESPN’s headline from the Website’s home page earlier today. Clicking the picture won’t do you any good. Clicking here will take you to the story. It’s a rundown of the 10 easiest schedules in the upcoming college football season.

My initial reaction was, “Oh hey. I already did the exact same thing.”

Then I read it.

My second reaction was, “Hmmm… he’s got pretty much the exact same teams on the list that I had on mine.”

Even then I didn’t think much of it. It’s not like it’s the most original idea in the first place. And the schedules aren’t secrets. So, after looking at them, Mark Schlabach came to pretty much the same conclusion I did. (more…)