Democracy on the Ebays

fizzfag.jpgOnly I was dead longer than three days.

Even though I was beaten in the second round, I am alive again in the third fourth round of the Ladies… Hot Blogger Contest. And I owe it all to the power of two.

That sounds like a lyric from Schoolhouse Rock.

Anyway, I’m not sure what kind of back room shenanigans went on but a handful of the 1- and 2-seeds were reinstated because they had to fill out the bracket. So I am now hot again. Or at least I have the chance to be voted as such.

So vote here [Ed. Note: Link removed at request of site host] if you like. I know nothing about my opponent, but last time I talked sh*t and I ended up getting thumped, so I’ll simply bite my tongue and wish everyone good luck.

And if you are not familiar with the Ladies… site, I highly recommend poking around. Sure it seems like a lot of good natured gawking, but when it gets down to discussing the actual sports, they know of what they speak. Plus, if you have two x-chromosomes, it’s probably a lot more fun than pictures of Mark Mangino.


Round Two has begun. I’m in a ridiculously brutal bracket. And frankly just being part of it is an honor.

Okay, so I’m a bad liar.

I seriously don’t mind losing. What I do mind is losing to a guy who uses any iteration of “-izz” vernacular, and a particular one that sounds like a character from Seasme Street were said street in South Central.

It’s nothing personal.

Damn, I am a seriously bad liar.

Really, I know nothing about my opponent. He might rescue kitties from trees and help NBA’ers feed their families. But he’s probably not a host on the WPCBCN and I’d just prefer winning to, you know, losing.

Vote here.

And have a nice day.

[Update: I have lost (Note to self: Be hotter).]