It’s never too early to talk college football. Never. Even if the calendar say it’s barely summer, fall cannot get here fast enough. So over the next two weeks or so, Kermit the Blog will count down the 10 Easiest Schedules of the 2007 College Football season. We’re aiming for one a day (weekday… generally), but we’re lazy, so it might take longer. Thankfully we’ve got time.


Dishonorable Mentions

nutt.jpgSorry to tease by making people wait another day, but the first weekend of college football is still two-months-plus away. So, relax. Inhale. Exhale.

And stop sending me hate mail.

Man, people get testy about this stuff. I’m not even done yet. And if you think you’re clairvoyant, there are much better uses of your time than reading blogs.

But, to maybe stem the flow of “Why isn’t [the team I dislike name here] on this list?” missives, there are a few honorable mentions to be doled out.

And it’d be easy to make a case for any number of other teams to crack the Top 10. And some people have made compelling enough cases that I feel like I might have been “wrong.” But as I stated elsewhere, the criteria were somewhat arbitrary, my decisions were final, and if you don’t like it, you can go here, or here, or here.

The schools that came closest to making my list were Arkansas, Virginia, Clemson, and NC State. (more…)