finch.gifThis is the first ever link dump here and it’s gonna be really bad. In fact God help you if you stumble across this link and don’t have at least an hour to spare.

This is not to bag on blogging—that would be stupid seeing how this is a blog and all—but the best writing in sports has never been done in two-paragraph spurts. Brevity might be the soul of wit, but it doesn’t leave you with much depth. So with that in mind here are four old guys, guys who predate blogging (although the still living and recently departed obviously overlap it), and guys who spent almost their entire lives writing without the aid of Google and hyperlinks.

Not that that those things are bad. In fact as a medium the Web is pretty spectacular. It’s as easy to click your way to this blog as it is to find the New York Times online*. But for whatever reason most of my favorite sports writers predate a time when volume was equated with authority. I’m sure there are still many like that around today, they are just harder to hear over the din.