Maybe you shouldn’t have been working in the meth lab during the game. You know, take a break. Somebody must have not, otherwise I’m at a loss to explain the following.

Let me be clear that I didn’t actually check the exact time that the Orange Bowl ended, but I’d bet this morning’s yet-to-be eaten breakfast that this comment found my inbox within 15 minutes of the final gun of KU’s 24 – 21 highly unlikely victory over Virginia Tech.

Really, that’s your first impulse? Post a comment on that relatively small blog that claimed Kansas had an easy schedule? You sure you don’t want to find an over-excited and over-served coed? This might be your best chance all year. Nope.


I get the following pia.

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Yah, so I’m guessing that this blog is kinda just hot air after KU just won the Orange Bowl tonite and um, ran a 12-1 game?


Be cautious of your predictions…

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KAAAAA UUUUUU!

Okay, does all of Kansas score incredibly low in reading comprehension? This is like the 4th time I’ve had to make this clarification. Hopefully I’ve tagged them all so that someone less lazy than I can find them all easily. The fact that Kansas went 12-1 doesn’t mean they didn’t play a cake as fuck schedule. They did.

Even after winning the Orange Bowl, 10 or 11 of their opponents were still weak. Beating Virginia Tech didn’t suddenly make Toledo and FIU daunting opponents. And in conference, they still missed OU, Texas, and, Tech (Okay, so I was horribly wrrong about Nebraska being good, but who wasn’t?). Kansas played 2 quality teams and went 1-1 in those games.

I don’t understand why this is so hard for Kansas to understand.

And I’m not even anti-Kansas. I’m possibly pro-Mangino. Sure I’ve made as much fun as anybody of his ability to warp time with the gravitational pull of his mass, but I’ve also made the argument that UCLA, A&M, Michigan, etc. were fucking nuts for not picking up the phone and calling when they had a head coach opening.

The man took Kansas to a BCS game. What more evidence do you need he can coach? None, for me. So, calm down. And celebrate. Don’t post comments saying I’m a moron. I already know that.