mangino-1.jpgSo I got another genius comment from what I am going to presume is a Jayhawk supporter. I’m making that assumption based not on the content of the comment itself (see below), but more on the inability to use anything resembling proper grammar (‘your’ not ‘you’re,’ no capitalization, etc.)

But, again, the fact that Kansas is undefeated doesn’t mean that their schedule hasn’t been easy. The latter actually facilitates the former. Who is their biggest win against? The worst Nebraska team maybe ever? An OSU team that blew a 21 point fourth quarter lead at home to Texas?

To this point (November 13) the Jayhawks have beaten exactly one team that was ranked when they played them. That was a K-State team that is now 5-5.

I’ll be the first to admit that I underestimated how good the Jayhawks were going to be this year. And I was a little impressed with them after watching the OSU game. They don’t beat themselves, they have good balance, they make enough plays to win, and most importantly they play as a team. Still, the schedule has been cake.

So, congrats on being 10-0 but before you go off 1) find me anyone—ANYONE—anywhere in the country who predicted Kansas would be undefeated and flirting with the BCS heading into mid-November and 2) save your gloating until after the Missouri game and after the Big-12 Championship game (Oh, and there is a trap game this weekend with a rapidly improving Iowa State team—not a good team, but one that, since getting demolished by the Horns, is 2-2 and has been competitive in all 4 games).

Remember when South Florida was ranked #2? Yeah, the dickweed emails from Big East backers have pretty much stopped since they dropped 3 straight.

Kansas looks legit, but there is still more than enough football left to land them someplace no better than the Alamo Bowl. Don’t believe that? Just go back to 1998 when Kansas State was a victory against an underdog Texas A&M team in the Big 12 Championship game from playing for a national championship. Instead they lost 36-33 in overtime and fell all the way to San Antone instead of playing in Pheonix, Arizona (okay, technically Tempe, but dammit if I’m not going to be the first person ever to work a Charlie Pride allusion into a sports blog).

Anyway, I say this not to rain on anyone’s parade but to spare people in Lawrence from possibly looking like an ass a la ‘surferguy_guitarist.’

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your a freaking idiot!!!! can you say 3rd in the nation baby? up yours!