untitled.jpgWell the only prediction I got right was when I said that, because I’m now making my picks available for public consumption, they were likely to be wrong. But if you took my advice and didn’t take my advice (or more accurately took the opposite advice) you made out okay.

Recap after the jump…

Oklahoma -22 over Colorado (Loss)

The Sooners had a 24-7 lead. Colorado won straight up. Bet they work on fielding punts in Norman this week. Coincidentally, Fielding Punts is also a character in an upcoming Woody Allen movie.

Florida -18 over Auburn (Loss)

Let me quote myself. “Caveat: this is actually the pick I feel most confident in. That’s always bad sign. Here, it means one of two things could happen: First, the Gators hold a 24 point lead late then give up a meaningless TD in the dying second. D’oh. Second, Auburn wins. I can see the latter if only because everytime I think I’ve known something about this college football season, I have been proven wrong the following Saturday.”

I am like Nostradamus. Except for the part about getting the game wrong. Oh, and Urban Meyer, you earn Douchebag Status for the pulling the Shannahan time out.

Michigan -17 over Northwestern (Loss)

Somebody put Lloyd Carr out of all of our miseries. Michigan actually could have covered. Instead they opted to run out the clock with the ball deep in Purple territory. If they replay this game is on ESPN Classic this week, I’m still betting Michigan and giving the points. That’s how much disbelief I’m suffering through that the Corn and Blue couldn’t cover.

Cal +5.5 over Oregon (Win)

Hey I got one right (I even called it straight up). Albeit I needed a fumble out of the end zone with seconds left to prevent this from going to OT and really causing some cramps. Next week, I’m flipping coins.

My picks on my buddy’s picks (These don’t count):

USF (+7 1/2) over West Virginia. (Loss)

I made some comment about how many turnovers the Bulls were gifted in their only respectable wins then wrote: “The Mountaineers hold on to their balls, they win and probably cover.” That should have been an If-Then. There were 8 turnovers in the first half of this game.

Rutgers (-19) over Maryland. (Loss)

I called a push. Hey, every now and then you’ve gotta throw deep. Funny, because I was just about to soften on my ‘Big East is still vastly overrated’ stance. At least now I don’t have to move.

Purdue (-22) over Notre Dame. (Win)

I went the other way. And hey I was right. Yes, when I made a pick based on total emotion and used no reason or logic, I was right. Man, I would make a great woman.

Some pro team +5.5 over some other pro team. Game hasn’t been played. Still don’t care.