September 2007

untitled.jpgWell the only prediction I got right was when I said that, because I’m now making my picks available for public consumption, they were likely to be wrong. But if you took my advice and didn’t take my advice (or more accurately took the opposite advice) you made out okay.

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kaplan_01.gifWell, now I can pretty much assure this this will happen weekly. If my friends are going to go out of their way to give me shit, then I will do likewise. And you can’t be much more antagonistic than starting a blog specifically for the purposes of taunting me.

But it’s funny. I even laughed out loud at the Tess of the Tuberville line.

My picks are in the post below. I won’t comment on his comments on my picks. That’s a little too meta and a little too ####. But he’s bong-rattling high if he thinks South Florida is going to cover.


gamblor.jpgDo or do not do my ass… I’m only going to try. But every Friday for the rest of the season I’ll put up some college football picks. This was precipitated by my making a few picks the last couple of weeks and nailing almost all of them. Of course now that I’m on record, I’ll likely to start sucking. So you might want to start going the opposite way right out of the box.

This is totally unsophisticated analysis. Well, I do some cursory breakdown but won’t give you the handicapper’s spiel. So look… here’s a big lock. “Ooh, that’s a big lock.” Again, these are merely opinions offered up for entertainment purposes.

I don’t recommend you take my advice. I don’t even take my own advice because I don’t actually bet. So the winnings are purely fictional. That kind of blows because, as I alluded to, I have been kicking ass this year. But the losses are equally as fictional, which is nice because I would have lost everything I don’t have on Syracuse last week.

With that in mind, here are the picks:

This was an exchange on Deadspin earlier today….

@preciousroy: That’s why I never read kermittheblog anymore because you are mean. Or it could be you hardly ever post.

The next phone call Favre received was an offer to pitch Fresca.

@Fat-Fat: I am mean. And the blog has gone dormant while I work on a book.
But if you read, say, half of the other comments, they all pretty much say the same thing. Brett looks pretty fabulous in that pic. So, lighten up, Francis.

Scout wasn’t really involved, but I thought I’d post it over here to say, yes, I have been derelict in updating (for any of you still checking in). But I am working on a book. And it’s a pretty amazing story. It’s got a sports tangent in that the subject I’m working with played football at Washington State, but his entire story is pretty unbelievable. It makes me want to be a better person. And I am mean. I even admitted it.

Seriously, even when I’m being serious. I’m never being mean and my tounge is planted in cheek more often than not. If you’re not getting that from my posts, well, sorry. Actuallly, no. I’m not. It’s not my fault there is no ‘snark’ tag for HTML.

But I am not going completely dormant. I will try to put some stuff up during the college football season, particularly picks on Fridays. I’m 5-1 in the last two weeks. Sure, it’s easy to say that now, but Rice has been free money this season. And only Cuse has burned me so far.

Also, bet against the Irish until after the USC game.

So, there will be more posts. More importantly, before too long there will be another book.

[Ed. Note: The pic in question can be found at the original Deadspin link here.]