bgeast.jpgI’m pretty over all of the name calling from Big East defenders but I was a little irritated when I wrote the following.

Now? I really don’t care too much. It’s long, there’s a lot of numbers, and frankly the whole exercise seems kind of superfluous. But it’s finished, so I might as well post it as it seems kind of stupid to leave it sitting on my hard drive (famous last words)…

Maybe at some point I’ll try to cook up an argument for how the Big East is not the weakest of the six BCS conferences and their schedules are actually gauntlets that rival USC’s 2006 non-conference schedule of Arkansas, Nebraska, and Notre Dame. That seems a little more challenging.

Until then, feel free… It is too long for one post, so it’s here, here and here.

If you have no idea what this is about, then start here.

(* As in the University of Kentucky. Yes, I know what state Louisville is in.)